Introducing “Rethink Detroit”

After two years blogging at Think Detroit, I’ve decided to start fresh with a new blog hosted at its own domain. The focus will again be on the revitalization of Detroit, but I’ll be taking a more personal approach, writing about life in Detroit as well as the emerging trends that promise to transform it, from creative enterprise to rightsizing. As a young person living in Midtown and a serious student of Detroit present and past, I hope I can offer a fresh perspective on the city, at once honest and optimistic.

So please follow along and comment frequently as the blog unfolds!

2 thoughts on “Introducing “Rethink Detroit”

  1. Patricia Muldoon

    Let’s show the naysayers what Detroit is really about, that this city is full of life and full of positive people doing amazing things.
    We have been planning to take a group of our kids to Europe for over a year with a target date of Apr/May 2010. Due to all of the cuts and changes happening within Detroit Public Schools (DPS), we were not able to utilize the summer months to fund raise (not knowing if we would even have a music program or our current music director) when we returned to school in September. For all the negative press DPS gets, there are so many untold stories of the good things happening there; Mr. Willie McAllister is one of them. One of the most compelling things he has said to our group was” if I don’t get these kids out from these school walls to play publicly I have failed them.” Mr. Mac is a tireless spirit. We are fortunate enough to still have a music program and to still have Mr. Mac, but we have little time to raise the funds. If you can help us in any way of getting some exposure on your face book or blogs we would greatly appreciate it. Please enjoy the videos.

    How Can You Help:
    • Visit our Web Page:

    • Click on the links and watch the 2 videos
    Corporate version:
    Party Like a Rock Star:

  2. Cooper Post author

    Thanks for commenting. That sounds like a worthy cause. I’ll post a link on Twitter. You might also consider posting on There are many people there who’d be excited to hear about the good things happening at Renaissance.

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